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We deal with people because we design the growth of organizations

Focusing on the Future of Work is the only feasible way to transform organizations and develop business: right now it’is the time for People Transformation

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RADICAL HR is the first Italian vertical edtech company on the HR world

We design the future of work together!


Let’s build together a future of work in which productivity and happiness are interdependent.


We give to HR a new mindset and competencies to transform the company in a people-centered way and to grow the business.

The founder

Alessandro Rimassa

«I am an entrepreneur with a great experience on Future of Work and Digital Transformation. I founded RADICAL HR and earlier Talent Garden Innovation School, but I also support several startups in the education and digital world as angel investor. I have written 7 books, from the best seller Generazione Mille Euro to the latest Company Culture. I am totally convinced that the time to change our companies is now. We will get back to growing turnovers if we really focus on people. And this won’t happen if HR is not at the core of business transformation. Indeed, I decided to create RADICAL HR: I am putting my energy and experience – together with so many absolutely valuable experts – to contribute to the radical change that all organizations can (and must) accomplish today!»

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