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The club of continuing education and growth for HR

Develop new skills, get practical guides, strategies and tools, compare yourself with other HR people, and stay up-to-date on trends in the future of work.

Radical HR Club

Join more than 500 HR professionals from multinational corporations, large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups

What you get by joining the Club


Radical HR Interface


  • Training courses on HR topics to deepen HR skills in the context of the Future of Work.
  • Webinar updates on HR hot topics HR trends and best practices reported by Italian and international experts.
  • Guides on HR best practices to put new HR methodologies into practice in a concrete way in the company.

Practical tools

  • Templates that can be downloaded and edited
  • Ready-to-use presentations
  • Strategies for an immediate implementation in the company
  • The best digital tools to speed up your HR work

Editorial Contents

  • Book reviewIn-depth reviews of the best HR books. For useful professional development, even for those who don’t have time to read.
  • Global press reviewA monthly press review with the most relevant Italian and international articles in HR and Future of Work fields.


Meetup & CommunityMeetups are monthly online discussion dates on a hot topic. The exchange among RADICAL HR is led and moderated by Alessandro Rimassa.The goal of the Meetups is to analyze together current problems and challenges for HR professionals.Community is a space on the platform dedicated to networking, benchmarking and direct relationship with colleagues and experts.A social network reserved for HR where you can open discussions with specific topics and questions, or just comment on other colleagues’ posts.

Radical HR Interface

An HR Certificate Program on the Future of Work

If you are not part of the Club, RADICAL HR Club membership will give you access at a subsidized cost to the new HR Future of Work Expert certification, the first and only certification in Italy specifically dedicated to people and the future of work.

The new Certificate Program will be part of RADICAL HR’s learning ecosystem, which includes: study, discussion, on-demand content and live workshops in dedicated online classes with Italian and international experts.In addition to the final certificate as a Future of Work Expert registered on blockchain technology, you will have:- the chance to be part of an exclusive Research Group along with other HR people- the concrete opportunity to contribute to HR events of discussion and content on Future of Work topics- a central role in the Italian HR community thanks to the expertise you will accrue

How to find time for training?

RADICAL HR is a continuing education and training club for HR who want to grow and make a difference in the company.We know that, as an HR professional, your “extra” time is always little to spend on training, precisely because you invest it thinking about your employees’ education first.The ecosystem created for our RADICAL HR people is based on this precise foundation: facilitating your upgrading and strengthening the skills needed for the challenges of the Future of Work.

  • Content is available for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • You can access RADICAL HR Club from any device: computer, phone and tablet
  • All live or live streaming meetings are scheduled a month in advance
  • Streaming meetings such as webinars and meetups are always recorded and uploaded into the platform: if you didn’t get a chance to attend, you can watch them whenever you want

Silvia Mazzoni

Alessia Ferrario

All answers to your questions

Andrea, HR Manager asked us: what are the payment methods?

On the site you can pay by credit card and PayPal and wire transfer, whichever you prefer.

Ilaria, People&Culture Manager ci ha chiesto: posso ricevere fattura?

Sure, during the checkout phase you can enter your company or personal information and an invoice will be issued immediately. Be sure to fill in everything correctly before finalizing the payment: you will not be able to request changes later.

Milena, Learning&Development Specialist, asked: can I charge my company the participation fee?

Yes, without any problem. You will be able to use a company credit card and enter the corresponding billing information.

Gabriele, Recruiter asked us: how can I convince my company to pay for me?

We’ll help you! You can download below the text of the email and the Radical HR Club brochure to send to your manager: we have prepared everything so that your manager cannot say no to you 🙂Download it here

Michela, Human Resources graduate asked us, what is the difference with an HR master's degree?

A Master’s degree in HR is a time-limited vertical HR training course. Radical HR Club, on the other hand, is a community with new and monthly updated training content based on new industry needs and trends.

Rita, HR Director asked us, what is the difference from other HR communities?

Radical HR Club is the first digital community for HR based on 3 elements: training, development and transformation. Becoming a member of the Club you will enter into an exclusive network of future-of-work experts. You will have access to quality content and engage in discussions with the best HR people on the Italian scene.

Melissa, HR Business Partner asked us: can I ask for reimbursement if I am not satisfied with the pathway?

Of course. You will be able to request a refund by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Refund” within 14 days from the date of enrollment.

Hector, Career Advisor asked us: can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

Of course! You can decide to stop your subscription at any time. You will be able to select the ” Stop Subscription” option from your profile very easily. From then on you will be able to access the club until the end of the subscription period you have paid for.

Your training

Some of the available and upcoming content

Courses and webinars

  • Human Capital Management
  • Creative Leadership HR Course
  • Corporate Welfare Course
  • Internal Communication Course
  • Agile HR Course
  • OKR Method Course
  • The Future of Work Webinar
  • Inclusion by Age Webinar
  • Employee Advocacy Webinar
  • Age Management Webinar
  • Agile Transformation Webinar
  • Purpose and Narrative Webinar
  • Humanocracy at Work Webinar
  • Webinar Increasing engagement at work
  • The Intelligence of Employees Webinar
  • Digital Change Webinar
  • Digital Recruiting Webinar
  • Recruiting Process/Analytics Webinar

Guides and Strategies

  • Smart Working Strategy
  • Digital Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Wellness Strategy
  • Corporate Culture Strategy
  • Learning Trends Guide
  • Onboarding Guide
  • Wellness Trends Guide
  • Back to Office Guide
  • Employer Branding Guide
  • Future of Work Trends Guide
  • Smart Working Guide
  • Employee CRM Template
  • Hiring Feedback Template
  • Skills mapping template

Coming soon

  • Rethinking Onboarding Course
  • Community Design Course
  • Remote and Digital Engagement and Leadership Course
  • Psychological Safety in Smart Working Webinar
  • Attraction and Job Ads Webinar
  • Great Reengagement Meetup
  • New Workplaces of the Future of Work Meetup
  • Hybrid HR Management Strategy
  • Providers to Digital Recruiting Guide
  • Planning the back to office effectively Guide
  • Checklist Onboarding Template
  • Job description in the Future of Work Template
  • CANVAS templates for hybrid human resource management

What you'll find in the Club

8 hours of new training each month, over 90 hours of training already available.

Couses and webinars

for updates on HR topics

Guides and strategies

to apply in your daily work

Templates and presentations

ready to use

The best digital tools

to improve your HR work

Networking meetups

and online discussion with the HR community

Live meetings, news and trends

with leading Italian and international experts

RADICAL HR Club registrations are closed. Sign up for the waiting list, we will notify you as soon as we reopen registrations