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Your partner for the people transformation

RADICAL HR is the new perspective on the future of work, the enabler for HR and companies to drive people transformation and accelerate the evolution of organizations.

«We design the future of work together»

We are the Business Partner of Human Resources: we offer tools and approach to grow and transform companies

We are the go-to ecosystem for companies that want to become a Smart Organization. We work alongside CEOs, HR and Managers to trigger continuous updating processes and generate new solutions that transform companies from a people-centered perspective, fostering business growth and people wellbeing.


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RADICAL HR Club: updating and continuous improvement for HR

RADICAL HR Club is the edtech platform dedicated to continuous learning and networking for HR professionals. We support ambitious HR – from over 400 companies – who want to become change leaders in their companies.Club membership gives access to 120+ hours of already available training and 8 hours of new content each month.

About the Club

Let's improve your company together

We implement transformational projects and strategies, learning experiences and corporate academies that turn organizational change into concrete and measurable outcomes. We support HR, CEOs and C-levels in redesigning processes and implementing change management strategies to enable people to work better and the company to grow.

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Radical HR Manifesto

Observatory on the Future of Work

We observe the present and explore the future of work: through the production of researches we guide people and companies toward a more inclusive, productive, and human work environment.

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